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With technological advances we rely more and more on these to keep us safe. Sometimes by simply having security cameras, it increases the risk to those who would try and rob you. Most domestic crimes are opportunistic in nature; an unlocked car, an open window, an easy target. 

By installing security cameras and or a security system on the Gold Coast, you can minimise your risk of being robbed. You also minimise the risk to your neighbors as well by increasing the chance of catching those who are inclined to take advantage of these moments. 

CCTV Installation Footage

LSB Solutions carry a full range of security systems solutions for your home or business on the Gold Coast. Top quality gear is used from basic affordable cameras, to thermal, nightvision, long range, pan and zoom, facial recognition, personal temperature readings, mobile notifications and viewing, microphone and speaker options… 

With all the advancements in technology, especially in cameras, we are able to completely meet your needs regardless of how specific, secure and tailored you need them.

We can install as little or as many cctv cameras as you need. We have installed and upgraded many of the security cameras in the Goodlife Gyms all around Australia. I am happy to assist you in finding the best placement for your cameras to keep an eye on what matters most to you. If it’s people in a gym, shoplifters, your home, office, carparks, we have the experience of understanding blind spots, field of view,  how lens types change what you see, 

Frequently Asked Security System Installation Questions

Yes, LSB Solutions is a fully licensed security system installer offering expert security systems installations to residential, commercial and industrial properties throughout the Gold Coast.

Yes. We provide security system installations by qualified electricians that are licensed security system installers Gold Coast.

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